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james thomas

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James Thomas was Dean of Admissions for the University of Wisconsin Law School from 1993 to 1998. 


As the Dean of Admissions, James Thomas felt that it was his mission to create a truly diverse community at the University of Wisconsin Law School - Diversity of race, ethnicity, religion, class and opinion.  He believed that every student he admitted added something to the law school and was critical to the creation of a true law school community. 


Dean Thomas was a man of high standards, complete integrity and unbridled enthusiasm for whatever task he pursued. He was candid in his speech, courageous in his faith and convictions.   What he preached he practiced and what he believed, he believed with heart and soul. 


In September of 2006, the law school community lost this champion of diversity, fairness, justice, and equality for all people and the WBLAA board re-named their 1L scholarship in his honor.

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